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Possip Parent Feedback

Berlin High School has partnered with a group called Possip to provide twice monthly quick hit surveys sent straight to your phone. Here's how it works:

  • Every two weeks you will receive a text with a link to complete the survey
  • The survey is only two questions with an option to provide additional feedback
  • The survey should take as little as 30 seconds to complete

Linked is a letter for parents on how Possip works and how it helps your school.

Parent Perspective

Thank you for sharing ideas through Possip this last week of February! We’ve heard from 1,124 of you during the course of the year. We are seeing that 96% of you are happy or mostly happy with Berlin High School this week.

This week we heard members in the school community share examples of praise, appreciation, and feedback or questions.

  • Appreciation for the hard work of the staff
  • Praise for the positive school culture
  • Feedback about specific courses/teachers
  • Ideas to improve athletics

We are taking all of your feedback and ideas into consideration for our future planning and follow-up.

Please send in praise, appreciation, and feedback or questions in next week’s Possip Pulse Check.